Green Mountain Passports

The Green Mountain Passport Program was established in 1973 for seniors and disabled veterans.


  1. A resident of Vermont and 62 years or older
  2. or 100% disabled as a result of disease of injury suffered while serving in the armed forces
  3. or a resident of the Vermont Veterans Home in Bennington


  1. Reduced prices on goods and services from hundreds of Vermont's private businesses (discount items could include groceries, health car supplies, movie tickets, fuel etc.)
  2. Free admission to state parks, museums, and fully state sponsored events.

Some businesses display a silver decal issued by the State for the Green Mountain Passport showing their participation in the program. Always ask if a discount is available for people who carry a Green Mountain Passport because not all people display this sign on their door.

There are several uses for this passport besides the above:
  • It can be used as an identification card - especially if you do not have a driver's license.
  • You may note on the back any medical information, which may be helpful in an emergency.
  • The card also notes who should be contacted in case of emergency, which could be extremely helpful with a phone number written.

The cost of this card is $2.00 - which is a one-time fee. If the card is lost at any time, just go back to your Town Clerk and they will issue a duplicate free of charge. Your card never expires!

State Parks Near Us:
Woodford State Park
Shaftsbury State Park
Emerald Lake

Local Sites That You Can See Free By Displaying Your Card:
Bennington Battle Monument

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