Shaftsbury Celebrates Hometown Hero's

Shaftsbury Historical Society and the Town of Shaftsbury

Resolution For Timothy G. Finney 2017 Shaftsbury's Ordinary Hero

Whereas, Timothy G. Finney, who has been a resident of Vermont for 63 years and a resident of Shaftsbury for 25 years and,

Whereas, Timothy G. Finney, who served on the Ski Patrol for Haystack and Bromley helping others in need for a total of 50 years and,

Whereas, Timothy G. Finney, being a Freemason for 36 years helping to make the community and the world a better place and achieving the rank of Worshipful Master in two Bennington County lodges and,

Whereas, Timothy G. Finney, who reached the rank of EMT-I and who has and continues to serve the Bennington Rescue Squad for 45 years with over 4000 calls and,

Whereas, Timothy G. Finney, having provided education and training to members of Bennington Rescue and people from the Vermont EMS District 12, shaping the careers of many people and affecting the care of so many patients through his students still saving lives today and,

Whereas, Timothy G. Finney, continually wanting to help others became a Registered Nurse for 36 years and held two supervisor positions and,

Whereas, Timothy G. Finney, was with the Shaftsbury Fire Department for 10 years and,

Whereas, Timothy G. Finney, helped start and was a member of the NorShaft First Responder group, helping the people of North Bennington and Shaftsbury by reaching those that needed help faster than the Rescue Squad coming from Bennington could.

Whereas, Timothy G. Finney, has made Shaftsbury, Bennington County and the State of Vermont a better place to live, play and grow and,

Whereas, the Shaftsbury Historical Society and the Town of Shaftsbury, in recognition of the many ways Timothy G. Finney has served his community, now Therefore be it resolved: That today, May 20th, 2017, is declared Ordinary Heroes Day in Shaftsbury and is devoted to honoring Timothy G. Finney whose public recognition is richly deserved and long overdue.

Cole Hall

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Shaftsbury Celebrates Hometown Hero's

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